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Women's Enterprise Program

Aid Tanzania supported former NGO, Kiretono Resource Organization, in the creation of a Women's Enterprise Program.   The WEP was a social enterprise model through which pastoralist women from the NCA were able to improve their vocational skills and understanding of small enterprise principles and earn an income. By empowering women to earn income and support their families, the WEP helped to relieve poverty amongst a very marginalized and vulnerable population living in the NCA.  While Kiretono has been disbanded, the women still produce beautiful handicrafts for a Tanzanian owned partnership established by two former Kiretono employees.  Aid Tanzania is now a customer of the new venture and helps develop overseas markets thus keeping the women earning money.  The women make a variety of home, lodge, wedding and holiday decor products in addition to items suitable for unique corporate gifts and fundraising by other charitable organizations with programs in Tanzania.  In 2019, more than 425 women participated in the group at various levels. 


Shop for your holiday decorations and household items on our website.  Please volunteer, if you can to:
  • purchase one of our "FUNDRAISING CHESTS" full of items your school or organization can resell to raise your own funds
  • place the items in a retail outlet near you
  • host a house party
  • volunteer to set up a booth and sell products at a farmer's market, Christmas bazaar or other special event
  • help us package and ship web orders
Contact us!  We can put together "FUNDRAISING CHESTS" for charitable organizations with programs in Tanzania, or for booster clubs, sports clubs or teams, pep clubs in your own country.  We can produce earrings, wine rings (wine charms), bracelets, keychains and other gifts in school colors for fundraising.