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We support girls' secondary and post-secondary education in Tanzania.  Some of our first students in the program were accepted into university programs in 2023 to study Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine and Surgery, and International Relations.  

Aid Tanzania supported the establishment of a Women's Enterprise Program (WEP) by Kiretono Resource organization.  Women were provided with artisan skills training and an opportunity to earn an income, thus helping to relieve poverty among their families and communities. At the pre-pandemic peak, more than 400 women were participating throughout the year.  After Kiretono's winding down, the activities of the WEP were assumed by a local for-profit partnership ensuring the women can continue participating in the economy by receiving training, necessary supplies and orders for their artwork.

For now, our projects are focused on helping the pastoralist Maasai of Ngorongoro.  Click here to see a list of our accomplishments.