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The following "items" are donations.  We will use your donation to provide the products or services described below.  Aid Tanzania is a US-based 501 (c)(3) and as such, your donation may be tax deductible.  We will send you a letter affirming your contribution for your tax advisor.   Donations from the U.K. can be made through our partner organization and earmarked for Aid Tanzania's programs.  Weston Turville Wells for Tanzania is registered with the UK Charity Commission and thus donations can be "Gift Aided".

Donations to the General Operating Fund provide us with the flexibility to direct funds where they are needed most whether it's towards our Scholar Enrichment Program, the Women's Enterprise Program or the Health and Wellness program.  To donate in the amount you'd like to give, adjust the quantity.  For example, to give $200, enter "10" in the small square to the left of "Add to Cart" in the $20 category.  Or, enter "2" in the small square to the left of "Add to Cart" in the $100 category.

GF$20, GF$500, GF$100, GF$500

Kiretono provides sponsorships to young pastoralist girls to attend boarding secondary schools far from home.  We pay for room and board, provide the corn and beans that each student must bring to school, provide uniforms and school supplies, private school tuition, and transport between home and school.  Education has the potential to keep girls safe by providing the opportunity for future employment and a means to avoid forced early marriage, early pregnancy and a life locked in poverty.

$900.00 / 1 Year School Sponsorship

Our Women's Enterprise Program helps relieve poverty by providing training to pastoralist women in a small enterprise setting and honing their craft skills. The next generation of pastoralist women is supported to advance their formal education.  Kiretono Resource Organization would like to build a campus that would include a workshop for the pastoralist women to come and learn new skills such as sewing and beading on fabric and to provide a dormitory for housing scholars during school breaks when they can attend programming in our Scholar Enrichment Program.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!  Just change the quantity next to a donation amount to reach the gift amount you desire.  Ashe naleng.

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$5.00 / Can purchase a light fixture
$10.00 / can buy 10 cement blocks!
$25.00 / can buy 3 bags of cement!
$75.00 / Can buy a bunk bed
$150.00 / Can buy a pole to connect electricity
$300.00 / Can paint a room
$1,000.00 / Can purchase wood beams for roofing
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