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Kiretono Campus Capital Campaign

$5.00  /  Can purchase a light fixture
$10.00  /  can buy 10 cement blocks!
$25.00  /  can buy 3 bags of cement!
$75.00  /  Can buy a bunk bed
$150.00  /  Can buy a pole to connect electricity
$300.00  /  Can paint a room
$1,000.00  /  Can purchase wood beams for roofing
Cart Total:  $0.00
Kiretono Resource Organization has a Residential Enrichment Program for Maasai upper primary school students.  We have 30 girls in 5th-7th grade housed in a rented facility outside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.  KRO is building a campus that will include a primary school dormitory and a workshop for the Maasai ladies to come and learn new skills such as sewing and beading on fabric.  Our programs encourage people to help themselves through education and cottage industries.  Donations go a LONG way in Tanzania and we appreciate any amount!  If you'd like to donate a different amount, for example $30, please enter "3" as the quantity for donating $10.  Ashe naleng.
Disclaimer The attached photo is NOT of our actual building site as we have not begun construction yet.
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